Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Ummm....... is it November already?.... Sorry, I'm just a tiny bit late for Halloween celebrations. Actually, I was M.I.A. the whole month of October and we are half way through November. Either good or bad, truth is, there has been a lot going on. Besides the fact that the kids spent most of last month sick and I was at the Doctors office at least twice a week. I've also had my own things going on.  It's hard to find time to do things that you do "just for fun" (like writing a post), when there's so many things that keep me from being able to do so.

If you have kids, you know how it is; "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy"... When one woke up crying, the other one started bawling too. I found myself holding on to a kid in each arm in the middle of the night. One pulling at the other one's hair for being next to me and the other one complaining about it. The worst is not the sleepless nights, it's just simply not knowing what to do for them. Kids in general believe Mommy's have all kinds of magical powers that can fix everything and cure it all.

  Ohhhh..... how heartbreaking it is when your 3 year old begs you; "Mommy pleeeease take the boogies away"...
All I can say is, next year we are ALL getting flu shots, as soon as I see the first yellow leaf! At least at the moment, we are all good...  & THANK GOD, no one is sick!!!

Leaving behind all the cold/sick related topics (and besides that), last month was amazing!

In the beginning of the month we went to San Francisco...

& my beautiful Mom flew in from PR to meet us there...

& we took Marky on his 4th College tour (him being only 3). I think this is one of S's favorite hobbies! We've taken him so far to Yale, Princeton, Harvard and now Stanford (this is Olivia's 1st). Hopefully they'll get to go to one of these soon... in like 14 years or so... ; ) 

We did the touristy things like, Fisherman's Wharf, The Golden Gate... (which we could not see)...Thanks fog! We also visited the Dreamworks studios, where our friend works, on making the movies we see! So proud of you Dave! : ) 

We saw the most beautiful views and fell in LOVE!!!
I San Francisco!

& then what we came for....

We flew in to attend David & Laura's wedding. David has been Sean's BF for 25+ years!

The dreamy vineyard, the amazing weather, the elegant and simple details, all the special moments & a very emotional speech, made this the most beautiful wedding I've been to. We wish you guys all the happiness in the world!

What can I say about this people ⤴....
You guys are aweeesome!!! You guys have such a beautiful family and it was sooo much fun spending these days with you. We miss you guys tons... : /

Mi mamita linda! I cannot begin to tell you how happy having this lady around made us! 
We abuela! Like Marky says, so much, so much, soooooooooooooooooo much! : ) 

Brothers from another Mother... ; ) 

& a dancer was born...
He made me dance every single song! 

So many beautiful memories... 

I know I said this would be a post of what we did on October, but this was such a special trip, that I don't want to add any more pictures...

I'll try to do a post over the weekend with the rest!