Saturday, March 31, 2012


We survived 2-15 hour flights with 2 kids under 2. If you may like to know, it wasn't bad at all.

 Olivia did amazingly. She did not cry, she also did not sleep... hmmm... I didn't mind that she didn't sleep because she was very happy the whole time + it worked out for us, cause with the time difference, it made her adjust right away. 
Marky, as always, was a great sport. He's so fascinated with planes and he's super curious with just about everything, that he keeps entertained pretty easily. It's just more how we handle tiredness and having to answer absolutely every question there is. He needs to know everything about everything. He's at that age, I guess... 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Was nice to see you!

And it's all over just like that... You would want your vacation to last just a little longer. Like my bro. said, "It's like when you are a kid and get a candy, and they take it away too soon. You stay wanting more"...