About Koyorrican

Hello, hola, annyeonghaseyo!

I know... "Koyorrican, weird! When we were in Puerto Rico, we used to say we were the "Koyorrican" couple. Sean is Korean, born in Korea but raised in New York. I am Puertorrican, born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico. So besides the fact that I spent hours trying to come up with some "goodie-goodie-mommy-hoodie-cutie" name (without any luck), everything was taken. After all what a better "Puertorrican" way to do it, than making up my own word... Cause we looooove making up words, specially names! :/

I started this so my close friends a family would get to know what we are up to in detail and because all my pictures in Korea, were taking over my FB page. I always feel like I'm bothering people with my constant posts, and I really want share our experiences here. 

I will post in English, but there will be some serious Spanglish and some Konglish action. I will try to  learn some Korean and share some my new words with you. I will have mistakes, I'll do smiley faces, hearts and whatever I feel like, and I will upload lots, and lots and LOTS of pictures. 

I hope you enjoy this journey with us!

Tania : )