Thursday, March 22, 2012

Was nice to see you!

And it's all over just like that... You would want your vacation to last just a little longer. Like my bro. said, "It's like when you are a kid and get a candy, and they take it away too soon. You stay wanting more"...

There are some people we didn't get to see, and some we saw, we did it in what felt like a rush. A lot of "hellos" and a lot of  "goodbyes", almost simultaneously. We did what we could with the time we had. When you have little ones, your time gets cut by half. You are running on their time.
But the time we did have, was great! : )

Could it be signs of a successful life, to have too many people to see?!? It must be so! I felt very loved. I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have so many people that love and care for us. Relatives & friends, it was so very nice to see you all!!! I wish I had just a little more time with you, or a little more time to get to see those I couldn't.

Aparente y alegadamente, we had just a bit too much fun, since Sean and I now realize we have so little pictures and in some cases of very dear friends we saw, none.   oh well... maybe next time! : )


It was so very nice to see you all, including the many of you we saw and are not here. Hope to see you all again soon!!! : )

 I will post some of the very few pictures of our trip on another post... when I gather the time and energy, jet lag is hitting all of us... hard!!!


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