Monday, February 27, 2012

Home sweet home, here we come!!!

We are heading back home!!!! Yeayyy's for the yeayyysss....  : ) 
I can't believe it, it's almost been a year since we moved to Seoul. Time truly goes by fast!
I have to say, I have enjoyed my time here. But like in any vacation (the way I feel being here, a very long one for that matter) It's always nice when you return home. Weird, we are going on vacation, but we are really returning home. And for two-whole-weeks

Unlike the first time we came down, we are going back with two kids. I wonder how are we going to make it trough a 14-15 hour flight. Surprisingly I am not worried about my wild 2 almost 3 year old boy, but for the small one. I know Markus does really well in planes. The kid is a little jet-setter. He started traveling at 3 months old and has gone in a total of 24 flights, in his 34 months of life... lucky dude... 

Argentina 2009

Chile 2009

New York, 2010

He has more stamps in his passport than most people I know, crazy... 

Madrid, 2011

Barcelona, 2011

Bern, Switzerland 2011

On our flight down to Seoul, he played for a couple of hours, watched a movie & fell asleep almost all the way, nicely... no temper tantrums, no crying, no going nuts, no benadryl... (joke intended, don't give this to your kid... Just rough it up!!!)
 I really think he's gonna be fine. 

Now, we have never traveled with Olivia, I don't know if she will handle it well. I know there are some kids that get headaches, fussiness, altitude issues, ear pain... etc. 
All I can do is PRAY & apply some of the things I've learned with Markus.

 I'm not an expert, but any advice is good to hear when traveling with little kids. Because if one thing is true, is that it is NOT easy!

*Knowing the things they like and planing ahead.
-He loves movies & of his favorite things in the world is a NEW one. He also likes to play with the same characters as in the movie while watching it. We downloaded a Thomas movie, "The day of the Diesels" & got him the "Diesel" character. With that we have like a minimum of 2 hours of great mood. Who knew there was a movie about robots called "Robots"... I didn't have a kid in 2008! AweEesome..... done, plus some robots from the dollar store! He'll love it! 2 more hours!!! & so & so... 

*Get some inexpensive toys, coloring book, crayons... etc. 
-You should please & spoil him during this time, because that will keep him happy and save you from a meltdownYou have to remember, It's not only you on that plane, there's many others, that are also trapped for all these hours.  

*Buy the toys ahead of time. 
-Airport toys a SUPER expensive. Most likely you will end up getting him something anyways, so is better if you already have it. 

As I was browsing around, I found this site, that I actually followed, that also had really great tips, for travelling with kids.  I already had all the cheap toys, but then she suggested wraping it in crepe paper, great idea... It will take him a couple of minutes to unwrap them & every minute counts! 

toys/stickers/coloring book

Toys wrapped in crepe paper
*Have a plan!

*Take them in their jammies, or a very comfortable outfit.  
-Girl here suggests, to take the pj's and make the same routine like at home, so they know is bedtime, but for me, this won't work. I won't change him in the tiny bathroom, that's super dirty and smelly. And to me it's impossible on the seats, since the rows are so tiny, no space. I will only change him if he spills something or dirty his clothes.

San Francisco, 2011

*Take them (you too) in clogs, velcro or any slip-on shoes.
-You have to take them off and put them on very fast at security (his & yours). 
-TOMS shoes, are great for traveling!

*Don't take to many carry-ons.
-Sean and I each bring a backpack, he has the documents passports etc. & electronics devices and mine with the kids needs. (you don't want to have to open both bags to take out the electronics at security)

*Remember not to put any juices, water, fruit, nail clippers, tweezers, spoons, etc... nothing that would make a halt in the line.
-Dealing with the kids, shoes, coats, people upset at you, it all becomes very messy, confusing & stressful. You can only bring bars, cookies and snacks that come wrapped. I usually get juices inside the terminal, but in our flight to Korea, they took them all, including unopened water just before boarding. Super strict here. 

*IPad apps, IPhone apps, movies.... download it all!!!
-Have it all charged & ready.

* As soon as the plane takes off, give them their milk or something to drink. 
-This way his ears won't get clogged. Always worked for us... Remember babies and small children don't know how to unclog their ears. 

It will be my first time using trunki, but I think is genius!

*The Buggy Board has been great, it attaches to your stroller, that way you don't need to bring two.

* A cute pillow and a blankie, will help him go to sleep happier...
I sure hope... : )

* Don't get stressed over how your kid is behaving.
-The flight will eventually end & they will at some point fall asleep. If you do, go for a walk or take a 5 minute break to cool off(I like looking out the window on the back of the plane while stretching my legs and neck) : )

*One of the most important things for me is not to take any frustration on my partner.
 -We are a team, and the goal is to keep the kids meltdown free. The moment you start getting upset at each other, it's downhill from there! (Trust me, it's very difficult to make a come back after this... that's everybody pissed all the way... not worth it!)

If any of these things, can help anyone, just one someone, somewhere out there and make their trip easier, it would make my day, any day.

I don't know when my next post will be since I won't be bringing my computer. But hopefully when I come back I'll have some great posts filled with sunny smiles!

xoxo : )


Journey Doula said...

Happy Travels! I love your tips. My little ones fly a lot too. It is good to get some new ideas for keeping everyone happy!

Tania said...

Thank you! : )