Tuesday, November 22, 2011


They say when change comes, it comes all at once.  So far this has been one crazy year for us. It's been packed with adventures and new things.  My husband often travels for work, so whenever he goes to a place we have not gone, we try to make a vacation out of it.  We started the year going to Spain, beautiful Barcelona, where my husband attended a convention.  After he was done with all the work, we took a couple of days to see as much as we could there.

El monasterio en Montserrat

La Boqueria

La Boqueria, Barcelona
Mercado en La Boqueria en Barcelona

After like 5 days in Barcelona we went to visit one of our best friends that lives in Switzerland (yo <3 Suiza) & had some great  5 more days there.

Bern, Switzerland
Bern Switzerland

During this trip our life changed!  Two months after we where on our way to Seoul, South Korea. We were packed with something else other than bags, we were expecting our 2nd baby...

A girl...


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