Friday, April 20, 2012

It's been a Year!

I can't believe it's been a year since we moved to Korea. WOW...a lot has happened...

So many new experiences, so much learned, so much growing up & so much giving up.  I don't know if it's the fact that I have been super busy with the kids or the fact that as you get older you realize how fast time really goes by, but I really don't feel like it's been a year, maybe because I've really enjoyed it.

It hasn't been easy getting to know a new country and trying to understand how life works around here.

It's cultures & customs. All while carrying a big belly (now baby) & a toddler in hands. But I also can't say it's been the hardest. I always think things could be harder. I actually feel pretty blessed and fortunate. I also, luckily, have the support of a very loving & caring husband who will do anything to make us happy. : )

A year after I can proudly say, I get my way around. I can hold some form of a conversation with locals. I can order my own coffee, the way I like it. I can ask prices...

When asking a price, I say; ige eolmaeyo?  They say something like; "ee-ship, ship-sa, shi-pal, ship-sa, sam-ship".... If you want to know, all I hear is whole bunch of "Ships", after that, nothing else comes in, I immediately picture boats in my head.
In the beginning they would take one look at my lost stare and pop out the calculator... THANK YOU calculator inventor! Now I carry my own.
I can only count to 3; hana (il-1), tul (ee-2), set (sam-3).... and this I learned because of the obsession with Rock-paper-scissors here. 

Everything that gets decided here happens by that method. ALWAYS! You see it on TV, at the playground, supermarket, well anywhere. There's always someone saying; "hana, tul, set"! like;  "a la una, a las dos y a las tres"... funny stuff!

Thinking back on our year here, I came up with some good and some not so good things about living here...  It's not an "I'd rather be here or there" thing. Every place comes with good and bad things, my Island sure has it's fair amount of very bad things going on and I still like it. I can't say the good things surpass the bad ones or vice versa. I like it here. : )

The good stuff...
I could go anywhere on the subway. Public transportation is SUPER efficient.
I don't get upset about people cutting me off or pushing me, I got a huge stroller, I block them off.... : )
I don't mind the Kimchi smell anymore, I'm used to it. 
I ♥ G-market.
I love going to the supermarket and getting my groceries delivered.
I love getting my water delivered... (I ♥ deliveries).
I love how efficient service is & you don't tip!
I like how clean it is.
How secure it is.
I like how family/child friendly it is.

I love that it's a big City, (compared to our tiny Island) & how many thing are there to do.
It's awesome that you don't need a car.
I enjoy how much I walk here.

I like recycling.
Korean made stuff is of good quality and good price.
There's a LOT of cute stuff.
I love how fashion forward it is, things we saw last year when we got here are just coming out in magazines now in the US for next fall season.... crazy!

Not so good...
No manners.
No personal space.
I depend too much on Sean, (language barrier).
I HATE the washing machines!!!! The washing machine is also a dryer, not like a duo, but the actual machine is the dryer also. Well it does not dry, it just heats things up, you have to hang the clothes after.  Not a day goes by that I'm not doing laundry.
The fridge is tiiiiiiny.... not so bad, I've learned to buy less, so I waste less.
American goods are 3 times the price.
Butter sucks & flours are not meant to be used for baking cakes. (I guess it would be the lack of baking goods).
I still can't get the oven temperatures right, our oven is weird.
I've become more dependent of the Internet and the computer.
The lack of adults to converse with, It can be a bit lonely at times.
Not having a sitter, not one 24/7, just for date night once in a while. : ) 

With the good and the bad, this past year has been an amazing year. I've gotten to live in a place I NEVER thought I would. I've gotten to meet people I'd never would have known if I didn't come here. I got to learn a little bit about the Korean culture, wich is part of my family's life.

Hopefully this upcoming year will turn out to be as exciting and filled with new experiences. I can't wait to share with you our future adventures.


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