Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trick Art Museum

Sorry for the delay. I was supposed to do this post a bit ago. I've been super extra busy these days. I have a couple of things going on that have kept me occupied. Also, Olivia has been teething pretty badly, but at least that's done with for a bit since two bottom ones are out! She looks super cute with her new smile! ♥
On top of that, S. was in London for work last week. Without his help, I get to do all this parenting/housekeeping/blogging/touristing'... (you know what I mean)... on my own. That means I ended up EEEEeeexhausted' every night! Anyways, hopefully I get to catch up this week. : P

Back on our trip to Paju, here are some funny pictures we took inside the Trick Art Museum. I actually thought we had more, but some came out just too dark or at, not so flattering angles (uuuhummm)... Let's just say they did not make the cut! : )

Trick art museum, Paju 

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Trick Art museum, corea del sur, art, museum, Korea, Seoul

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So much fun...
I read somewhere that there is one here in Seoul and I need to find out where ASAP! With Monsoon season coming up, finding indoor entertainment is a must.

T. : )

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