Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blog issues...

I'm sure you already know, but before I started blogging, I new sheisse about any of this. With the exception of Facebook, which I've had since the very beginning thanks to my hubs, who hooked it up...

I couldn't even tell you how many "blogs for dummies" or "computer for dummies" I've read. I am still just that... a total dummy with it! :P

Recently, I've been having quite the hard time trying to figure things out by myself, auuugggghhh... I soooooo need some computer person to help me on this! But then I remember.... is just a hobby! So until I can afford to pay someone to help me, it'll just be me, myself and I... lol...... Ohhh, and the hubs taking me around, so I can take all these pictures! : )

So as you see, some pictures have been deleted somehow, and I've been trying to fix this. This has been over a year of pictures, and I take soooo many.... It's taking me for ever to find them again. The problem was the blog wouldn't let me upload any more pics, because I exceeded my storage capacity. Not understanding what was going on or what to do, I think I deleted them myself... Grrrpp....

The storage space they give for images is very small, and with all the ones I put up... well... The only thing I could do, was to purchase some additional storage space. Blogging is not for free anymore.... : P

Before I post anything else, I want to figure this picture mess out. We had some great times at another great traditional restaurant just outside Seoul. We also went to another "pretend town like village", this time it was a Dutch Village. There was a kiddie themed park there, called "Farmland", with a great petting zoo. We also headed out to the West coast for some beach action... Lots of nice posts ahead! Can't wait to share with you! : )


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