Monday, July 16, 2012

N Seoul Tower

The day we went to the Prehistory Museum, we ended up heading over to the observation tower located on Namsan Mountain. The Seoul Tower is one of the main tourist attractions and offers panoramic views of Seoul and the surrounding areas.

To think... it took a year and a half to finally make it here! And we don't live far away.... Last Summer, I was too pregnant, and by fall I had a newborn. The winter time, was just too cold. Even though Spring is the perfect weather, we found it to be a little bit chilly for the kids. So, early Summer was just the right time for us to go... not too hot, not too cold.

We went up the Namsan Mountain cable car. 
The waiting line at the cable car looked pretty long, but it moved really fast... we did maybe a 10 minute wait. 

We got a good spot!

& up we go... strollers are a no-go here...  : /

The Tower from the outdoor terrace. 

& we got the tickets to go up to the observatory...

❤ Thousands & thousands of promises of eternal love...❤ 

 Locks of love is a popular costume, in which love birds write their names/messages on a padlock, lock it & throw the key away. This symbolizes their love will be locked for ever... how romantic... 

hummm... I'm thinking, this is a big dating spot... : )

& there was a Teddy Bear Museum!!!
 It showed the chronicles of the history of Seoul trough the use of teddy bears. 

The view from the observatory.

You get a 360 degree view of the city...

As clear as it gets these days...

Who wouldn't want to get "locked" to this love... : )

Marky is always interested... 

And after a long, long, long.... but fun, fun, fun day.... 

Back home! : )



ckim said...

love the pic of Marky hugging the teddy bear! hahaha :) and the one of S and O... daddys and daughters always have a special bond..

Tania said...

They do, don't they... <3 So sweet... Although in our fam. Marky is a big time Daddy's boy and Olivia is totally a Mommy's girl! : )