Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A New Day : )

Hello My ppls'!!!
I'm sorry I skipped my Monday post, but I have a couple of good reasons...

Olivia turned 9 months! 

  1. She also caught a cold...

She's doing much better now TG. : ) 
If you have little ones, you know how that goes... "Mamitis aguditis"...

Also, S.' little cousins from NY, are in town for the Summer! 

& exciting things happened... ❤

Last Sunday, the Puerto Rican (& the largest Spanish Newspaper in the US :) El Nuevo Día, published a story I wrote in Spanish for the traveling section De Viajes about my viewpoint of Korea. I can't even begin to tell you how exited I've been! You can find the story HERE!
I will try to make a page with it so you could find the whole story on the top pages bar.  : ) 

The most exiting part to me, has been all the sweet messages I've received... Thank you! I am so very happy! Every time I open a new mail, it feels like I'm meeting someone for the first time. It's almost like meeting the people I haven't met while living here, all at once! : ) 

I've been trying to read and reply to each one of them, but it is taking me a long time... if I haven't replied back yet, I promise I will be doing so, soon. 
I had no idea there where so many fan-groups of K-pop and K-dramas in PR... I am absolutely amazed by it! 

In all honesty, I must say, it was a bit hard writing in Spanish. I've been fully speaking English the past, soon-to-be, 9 years I've been with S. Also, since we moved here, I've had absolutely nobody to talk Spanish to. On top of that, I've been writing here in English for the past year and a half... It's done wonders for my English. For my Spanish... hummm... not so much... Now I know, it does happen... it becomes rusty. : ( 

I'm one of the ones that used to get really upset at people that, as I used to say; "se van un mes y se les olvida el Español"... Another learned lesson; Don't mess with Karma... hehehe

I guess a good word here, (that we should all apply each day in one way or another) would be empathy... so please my PR people, forgive me for having my blog in English! I just added a gadget on the top left corner "Translations". There you could choose which language you want to read the post in.
I hope this works for those of you that asked me to write the posts in Spanish too. 

I could try do a double posting at some point, but right now I have two small children to take care of, cooking (B-L-D), cleaning, laundry, giving huggies and kisses, grocery shopping...

Role playing... (I'm super Mommy Robot), crafting, teaching Marky Spanish, and some more hugs & kisses, chasing after Livy when awake, tantrum taming, and some more huggies after too. Putting BB to sleep after cuddling her in her rocking chair, book reading, dinner for my S. after kids are out, K-Drama nights... Facebooking, Instagraming and blogging... I'm amazed I even find time to write these posts... I cannot possibly think of trying to double it up for now... : (   "Mi yan he"

Korean 911....
And with this I will also add my romanized Korean word of the week;

Mi yan he

This means, sorry...

I've also gotten a lot of new FB requests!

This week, I will create a group or a page for the Blog so that you could join, add or like it. You could also follow me on Instagram, as I am ALWAYS there! : P 

I'm thinking Thursday or Friday, I will try to do the post on the new traditional Restaurant we went for lunch the other day. I'm sure all my new Korean Culture loving readers will like this one a lot! 



ckim said...

so many wonderful things going on! :D you truly are super mommy - i dont know how you do it! Marky and Olivia are so lucky to have a mommy like you and S is esp lucky.. hahaha

we miss you guys! hopefully we will make the trek out to korea soon to visit.. Livy and Ben need to meet!

Tania said...

Thank you Christina!!! I admire more the Moms like you that on top of it all have to go work outside... Being a Mom itself is a full time job!
We miss you guys too... I know, I can't believe they will both be one soon!!!
Besos to Benny-Boy He is getting handsomer by the day!!! xoxo

Yana khokhlov said...

Wow Hsppy 9 months to Olivia and to you too . Marky is so tall and as always love the pictures .Kiss to all really miss you