Monday, September 3, 2012

What we've been up to...

Hi! I feel it's been so long... hummm, maybe cause it has!.... sorry : / 
We've been out & about...
Since we moved we've done so many things, nothing crazy or too adventurous. We've just been getting to know the area. 

The first time I did a post in this blog, was 6 months after we moved to Seoul. I explored and got to know a little bit about the City. I wanted to have things to tell. Now I felt the same way. It has been a while since I posted something, because I wanted to get to know our new neighborhood before I started fully blogging again.  
It's been great! 
In this time I've been able to find a School for Marky & one for myself (to learn Korean). We also, have a Korean friend that's gonna stop by once a week to tutor me. 
I found a Church with an English and a Spanish Mass. 

mixed kids, american-korean mixed kids, asian-american mixed kids, boricuas en Korea, latin-asian mixed kids 

We've enjoyed the last bits of the Summer...

namsan park, boricuas en korea, boricuas en corea, latinos en corea, expats in Korea

& our new house... & it's patio... : )

haddon supermarket, foreign food in korea, foreign supermarket in korea, boricuas en corea, puertoriqueños en Seoul

& finding a Supermarket that has AMERICAN food!!! 
I almost heard singing angels as I was walking in... : ) 

Boricuas en Korea, Latinos en Corea, expats in Korea, Seoul public transportation, seoul bus

We've learned to use the Bus... Marky's dream of riding Tayo, came true! 

Han River, Itaewon, Seoul City View, Boricuas en Korea

We've walked all over the surrounding areas, like Itaewon and the Han River...

Namsan Park, Namsan walk, Korean nature, Boricuas en Korea, living in Seoul, 

& the Namsan park...

Galbi, kalbi, Hannam-dong, Boricuas en Korea

& we've located our favorite places to eat... for now... : P

Seoul at night, Seoul City view, Namsan park

& seen some amazing sunsets and views of the City...

Boricuas en Korea, mixed couple, american-korean couple, mixed family 

& celebrated 9 years of very, very, very happily ever afters... ❤

We went through a very big, but weak, Typhoon... and another one two days after... 

We took the kids to Children's Grand Park... will do a post on it later! 

mixed kids, asian-american, latin-korean, 

And we took our son to his very first day to School... Today... 
I'm still emotional about it. Marky has been with me, all through out his 3 years. He went to Montessori for a bit, in PR and he loved it... until we moved here. When we first got here, we put him in a Korean speaking "pre-school". We thought it would be good for him, so he wouldn't get bored at home... It wasn't
He was there for like 2 months and he came home crying every single day. He refused to go and as soon as he came home he would tell me, he did not want to go back. One day on a School trip he ran off and the teachers couldn't call him. They didn't speak English, he didn't speak Korean... I viewed my baby lost in this gigantic city, not knowing anything about anything...
 That was it... No thank you... 

& so we moved to the English hood... hehehe... 

 I'm happy that we found a School he REALLY likes, no crying! Montessori'esh type of educational system, and with Teachers and kids that speak English! 
He came home beaming! 

 Him having a good day, makes my day...any day! 

Till' very soon... promise... : )



Juneeta Osman said...

aawweee..... marky hope he's really happy at the new school no more crying marky :)

Julie said...

Hi unni

My daughter loves Tayo and Pororo (and it help with the language). Check this site I learn with them and the best is free and online.

Greetings from San Juan


Megan said...

I found you recently by Googling something Korean that I can't remember now...but either way, love your blog! I have been in Korea since February and am still trying to figure things out.

Tania said...

Thanks Julie! I will check it out!

Hi Megan!

Oh... I feel like, the "figuring things out" never ends! hehehe... It's a none stop "adventure"... Good luck, I hope you adjust! : )

In what area are you living?