Monday, April 15, 2013

4 months ago...

Four months ago, I though I was leaving Korea for good, at around this exact time. I stopped taking the Korean lessons, I was busy doing research. Then I was busy, doing more research on another place, and then another, and then another.... Research, research, research.... On a country, on a town, on neighborhoods, on housing, on schools, on lifestyle... Sitting down and writing a post on what was going on with our lives was the furthest thing on my mind. Sorry.

Literally, JUST when we decided to stay in Korea and moved apartments (which means, we are not leaving anytime soon)... My email and private message in Facebook started getting flooded.

OOOOhhhh just great! Did he really have to start NOW....

You all know what I'm talking about.... oh yes, the North Korea thing.

I will be completely honest. If my friends and family wouldn't have asked me what was going on, I  wouldn't have noticed. I've been so busy with our own lives, that I didn't even think of picking up a newspaper and reading the news... (Kkkk 😁... like THAT would have done anything for me... my reading skills are much better than when I first got here, but not nearly, "I can read the newspaper" better.

Life here seems to be as normal as it's ever been for the two years I've lived here. I guess not being a local helps, not reading every single headline that comes out helps. It seems like the news that comes out back home have more to say than the ones I read here. 
I have many military friends, and they don't seem too concerned. The American Embassy doesn't seem to be too concerned. I am not too concerned.

This doesn't mean I'm not aware of the dangers of such the situation. I am.... believe me. I just choose not to live in fear. I choose not to stress about something that is way out of my control. I choose to live a life, beautifully... Cause life IS beautiful!  

I believe each and every day is a blessing and each and every day we must live as if it was our last. I believe that certain things are meant to be. Each and every day we must believe there is a purpose for things. We must pray (if you will) for the things that matter most to us.  

I'll share mine; Health for my loved ones and for me so I can see my kids grow. Wisdom so I can guide myself and my loved ones through the right path, and strength, so I can endure the unpredictable. But above all I give thanks... what is there NOT to give thanks for! 

There is absolutely no way I could possibly know the outcome of all of this. Hopefully it will all be alright. Hopefully, we will keep living our beautiful lives as we have been for the past two years here. Korea is a beautiful place. It has beautiful people.... duhhhh.... I'm here... Kkkkk... ; ) 

Now... back to the four months it took me to pick up the computer and write a post.... Well, we'll leave that for another one. Let's just hope it doesn't take another four to tell you about it! 

Much love to you all, stay safe out there, and please (Mami Carmiña) don't worry... We are fine! : ) 


PS... If you noticed the Kkkk, it's just me showing off my "how much of a local I've become". It's used here as (lol, or hehehehe)... Kkkk.... ; )

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Carmen said...

Escribiste edte blog en Abril y yo por curiosidad, ya que no los estás posteando en tu página de fb, entré a tu blog y me encontré con este que no había leido. Que bueno que estas feliz por allá. Y me sorprende mucho tu manera de expresar tu positivismo hacia las cosas bellas de la vida las cuales tenemos que vivir intensamente y tu madures al pedir que Dios te ilumine con sabiduria, fuerza y salud para poder salir adelante con tu vida y tus seres amados. Que Dios te bendiga y puedas continuar siempre con esa actitud tan bella de vivir la vida. tqm Carmiña