Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Food*Food*Food & Myeongdong

When I started doing this blog, I though I was going to do it in chronological order. Truth is, this seems imposible to me now. I didn't realize how many pictures we have. I have like 10,000 pics. and we've lost so many! 
All this time I've been thinking how fast 7-8 months have gone by.  Then when I look at all the memories we've collected, makes me feel like we have been here forever. I still can't believe we live in Asia. Never ever would have I though I'd be here. 
Everybody asks me if I have gotten used to it, if I like it...etc.  I see it as an extended vacation.  Best thing I could do for myself is not look back and feel sad. Thinking about it, isn't gonna magically make my Mami appear in front of me... I wish! Thinking about it is just gonna make me sad, so I just won't allow myself go there. For the time being this is my life, and I want to enjoy it, so I plan on eating  the time away!!!!!!..... just hope I don't gain too much weight while at it : )
Myeongdong!!! I guess if you come to Korea you HAVE to go to Myeongdong. Shopping, eating, shopping, eating & some more shopping.  Myeongdong is not my favorite place to shop (far to busy) but I do enjoy going there, we always have fun.
They told us that one of the most famous dishes that represents this district is Kalgooksookalguksu or Kal gook soo. Kalguksu is a noodle soup (it means knife cut noodles).  I think is handmade flour noodles, I assume cut by hand with a knife. ; )  Made out of beef,  sea food or chicken broth with some vegetables like carrots & Zucchini and some beef on top (the one I had).  I had it a bit ago, right when we came the first time. I wasn't crazy about it, but I know people love it. I WILL give it another try soon though. I need to know if my taste adjusted to Korean food.

First thing you do is get in a cab : )

or the busy subway : (

When you get there, (video). This was so early in the morning, and is already so busy. I think I read that over one million ppl visit this area o a daily basis.

I'll try to get better with the videos.... Sean's gonna kill me for putting this up. : /

Myeongdong, Myeongdong, seoul, South Korea, corea, 


As you walk around you see all kinds of vendors selling all kinds of fried everything!


There's  also sweet stuff, including the one I talked about in my last post.  This one, Bopki, is like burnt sugar. Mad skills...  Sean's cousin told me, that if you can brake the shape without braking it, you get another one for free. 


picture from the web
This one is similar to a corn dog, but for some reason it reminds me of an alcapurria.  It's called Odeng or Hot bar. It's deep fried and served on a skewer. I think is pureed white fish. I have not tried it, so no idea if is any good. Last time I had a corn dog from a street vendor, my stomach didn't appreciate it. Now that I'm breast feeding Olivia, I'm very cautious with what I eat. I'm sure is just fine though. 

All I know is that the first one here, with the red spicy sauce is Tteokbokki.  There is a soy sauce version of this and is not spicy. I really like this one. I even like the spicy one, the thing is now since Olivia feeds from me, I can't have spicy food... VeeEeery hard to do here : /

Tteokbokki & Morcilla
Yes MORCILLA, they have those here my PR friends! The exact same thing. I don't know how it's called here, cause even Sean calls it Morcilla... mi koyorrican ; )

busy, busy Myeongdong


Street vendors. 

And finally their famous Kalguksu. 
Sided always by kimchi. We also had some dumplings, but couldn't find the picture.
We had it at this restaurant that's supposed to be the best. Super busy, you have to wait,  you rub elbows with other people and they rush you out too. : /

Next time I try it, I think I will go to another restaurant.  Not because it was packed, the wait and the elbow rubbing, (these are things you get used to when you live in a City that has over 11million people) but because it was too small for our big family, with sometimes 2 strollers : )

Until next time!
T. : )


ckim said...

Hi! Love ur blog! Makes me miss Korea. The blood sausage is called 'soondae'.. One of my favs! The honey and nut candy I've heard them call it dragon's beard before or on the streets you can see them make it and it's like magic how it all comes together!

I loveeee myeong dong! It's my fav too! The hot bar is the best! There is this one guy who only comes out at night to sell it and he is soooo good. Odeng is fish cakes and growing up I was told its fish but also ground up fish bones too. U should get a hot bar with a sesame leaf on it and mustard... Mmmmmm in the summer they also sell ice cream at myeong dong that is hugeee! They swirl it on a cone like 2 feet high!

Tania said...

Hi! I'll have to edit this post to all this new info! Thanks!
I actually had posted a video of the guy making the candy (Dragon's beard), and a video on this post of when we went to Myeongdong, but there seems to be a problem, that the videos won't play.
The know about the issue, so I hope they fix it, cause I have some good videos!!!
We also had the Ice cream, but I didn't post it. I plan on making a post just on Ice cream, cause I've had so many while here, that's not even funny... or It's too funny! lol