Sunday, December 4, 2011


Sorry I couldn't post past couple days... Most likely I won't post on weekends.
I know I was supposed to keep my post on food, but something I don't want to forget came up today.
I will continue on my food post this week. : )

So back when when we came to visit in April, we went to Myeongdong and saw this guy putting up a show while making what I now know is candy.  Back then I didn't try it, cause Sean didn't really know what it was, so, yeah I'm not that adventurous.  But 3-4 months ago one of Sean's co-workers took us to Insadong and I saw the little show again. By this time, Sean's Korean had improved quite a bit, so he got to understand that it had honey & nuts. When I tried it and it reminded me of "Mary Jane's". 

I wish I could tell you the name of this deliciousness that is THE yummiest thing EVER.  But either Sean or me know the name. All I know is that it's so, so good.  Today I saw the guys again and got it, yummm.... So here a video of the time in Insadong and some pictures I took today in Myeongdong If there's anyone out there reading my blog at all that knows the name of it.... : ( please leave a comment telling me.
 Thank's : )

Traditional Korean Candy

Korean traditional Candy. 

Nuts & Honey

The box they put it in...

So good.... : )



tornasol40 said...

I will love to try that..too bad I'm allergic to nuts. :/

Tania said...

hmmmm : / ... l'll see what "nut free" candy I see around! : )