Thursday, December 1, 2011

Food... "parte 2"

I'm baAack...  Sorry I couldn't finish Yesterday.  I probably won't be able to even finish this today or ever.  There is so much to do about food and my experiences here on it.  I know I haven't even tried 1/4 of what there is to try here, but I'll do my best.
  It always upsets me, when I think of the episode they did on Korea of "No Reservations, with Anthony Bourdain". I think the girl that brought him totally took over and made it about herself and her family, too dramatic... totally lame. Did she really had to take him Kareoking!!! I think the Bizzare Foods episode on Korea was actually much better.  That said and out of my chest, I move on... : )
One of the fist things I had back in New York, when I first tried Korean food, besides Kimchi, was Galbi or Kalbi. It's basically grilled beef ribs, done at your table in little grill that's on the middle of it.  Anywhere you go eat you will get some side dishes with your meal like kimchi, radish, potato salad, green salad, coleslaw, sweet corn, bean paste, white rice...

Kalbi or Galbi
dinner side dishes

other view
Bon soo won kalbi
This last 4 pictures where at what's supposed to be a very famous Kalbi restaurant in Suwon, just outside Seoul.  So so good!
Kalbi is my total fave!  yummm, yummm, yummm... Delicioso!!!  Here we don't have it to often, cause meat in Korea is really expensive, like really expensive! : (

Another one of my favorite dishes is Bulgogi. It's marinated thin beef slices like sirloin, or other prime cuts, cooked over an open flame. It's like a stew, it has vegetables and some cellophane noodles that cook very quickly and are sooo good. You can also have it grilled.



Again I say, so much to do & so little time... I have to run again!  There is sooo much more on this.  If I get a chance later on today I will do another post. If not, then hopefully tomorrow.

Laters' ppls : )


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