Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm up for it all, I will try it at least once.... hmmm... I don't think so! I'm soooo not Andrew Zimmern.  If  I don't know what it is, Sean doesn't know what it is, and it has a suspicious appearance, yeah... most likely I won't try it. Sorry I'm not that adventurous. But whatever I do have, (If happen to take a picture before I devour it) I'll post here.

First is obviously Kimchi.  I'm most definitely no expert on it, but this is comparing from where I've had it.  For my taste, Kimchi here is far to "intense". 
We had it in Barcelona (at a Korean restaurant we found) there it was tasteless.  It seemed watered down. 
In Puerto Rico I found a can once at the Chinese store (made in China) this was really no good at all, tasted like can. 
We found a Korean area in Buenos Aires when we went there in 2009, but we didn't go, cause they told us it was a dangerous area... boooo : ( 
The few times I've had it, I liked the New York one the best.  I <3 NY, it really is the world inside the world. 

At a Korean Restaurant in Barcelona
 with our dear friend "Amarillo" : )
At a Korean Restaurant we found in Barcelona, with our dear friend from Puerto Rico, Amarillo. : )

For my Spanish speaking ppls' & Puerto Rico friends, this is what I told someone that asked me on the Kimchi picture that I have in my FB page;
hmmm... no hay parecido. Pero lo mas cercano, seria el sofrito ; /.... Realmente es repollo, marinado en ajo, (mucho ajo), vinagre, gengibre, cebollines, sal y azucar una cantidad desmedida de pique. Lo rojo es todo "chili peppers". 

kimchi, seoul, korea, food, traditional korean food, fermented food

kimchi, fermented food, traditional korean food, Seoul, Market, traditional Markets in korea

Kimchi really represents Korea's best known food. They eat it at every meal. And I know some can't go for a couple of days without it.  Me... not there yet,  I'd rather eat Choco-pie : )

I would love to continue with my "Food" post, but I have to run. The tiny boss in my house is calling for her "food".  So much & so little time.

To be continued...

T. : )

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