Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My favorite meal of the day, has always been breakfast.  I can have eggs, oatmeal, cereal, toast anytime of the day.  The week we came to visit, we stayed at a Hotel, so we had it at the morning buffet, It was delicious. I Found a bit odd that Sean and I were always the only ones there and that they also had out kimchi, kimbap, Shrimps, fish & fried rice. I knew it had to do with the diet here, but to me these tipes of food are far to heavy or "intense" to have so early in the morning.
When we moved here and where no longer eating out of a Hotel Buffet, we realized what was going on. First;  no one here wakes up early! We have a 2 year old that wakes us up 6am, but even if we didn't have him, we wouldn't be in past 8am, at a latest.  Here even at 9- 10am everything is closed! Maybe some places would open 10:30-11:00am, but very, very few. Second;  there is no breakfast (at least our type). They have here exactly what was odd to me at the buffet, kimchi, kimbap, Shrimps, fish, fried rice, rice porridge, corn soup or a clear broth (assume is vegetables, fish or beef stock). I was devastated by this...booo... I <3 my breakfast out on the weekends, now I would have to make it even on the weekends!!!
Yes there are the bakeries that have good breads, (and I love them), but what about my delicious scrambled eggs.

Bakery in Korea

Some places serve eggs, but for brunch (way late for our family), they are very expensive and mostly fried. I've asked if they can scramble the eggs for me and they refuse, "Aishh, ah nee yo, ah nee yo" not even just a stir, and there I get the "X" sign (they cross their arms to say no)... It really is a big deal... hmmm....
With time we found a couple of places that served some american style breakfast, but very few. The first one we went was in Cheongdamdong.  

Butterfinger Pancakes

They make really delicious pancakes, (I was never a pancake lover) but here I really like them. I ordered some blueberry pancakes and Sean Banana Nut, we shared with Markus, one glass of orange juice, one grape and two cups of coffee...  

tatarataaann.... was like $90!!!  Yeah I'll be making my own pancakes for a long time : P

After we moved to Seorae Maoul, I found a cute small bakery/coffee shop that makes delicious belgian waffles (a lot less expensive) and that opens at 9am wich is ok. They are very nice & we are always the first ones there! Problem is, can you really have this all the time..... : /
Belgian Waffles 

 I don't have breakfast out as often as I did when we were in Puerto Rico, but I'm used to it, and it's ok.  Next time I'm back to the island I plan on eating tons of mallorcas, grilled cheese & scrambled eggs. They say you don't know what you had till you lost it : ( .... so true.


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