Monday, November 28, 2011

The cute Street

Over the weekend we decided to rent a car & go on a drive around the City.  We went to Pyeongchang-dong. They say it's nice and there's houses there.  I wanted to take a look at it to see if we could move into a house.  The extra space would be nice, since I have 2 kids now, and the 2 year old just runs around our apt. all day long. 
We drove around the Gyeongbokgung Palace.  On the east side of it, there is a little street that is SUPER cute &. It's lined up by cute coffee shops & stores.  This is what I'm talking abooOOout...  : ) Small cute shops always make my day!

Wall art Korea

Somewhere around Jongno-Gu

Marky and Buzz <3

It's evil Doctor Porkchop!!!

Picture please...

Mobile phonecharms


Then we realized the area was so nice because it was around the Blue House, where the President lives.

Wall on the west side of it.

Towards Buam-dong
On our way up...

On our way to Pyeongchang-dong we drove by a little town named Buam-dong.  It was pretty cute, very small and all I got to see it had was a cupcake shop & a couple of coffe shops. We drove so fast by it, I couldn't take any pictures. We were just trying to find our way out, and continue our drive... you know since we got there on navigation system, we were a bit lost... "Nos dieron unos cuantos bocinasos" : ) When we got to Pyeongchang-dong we realized it is not the place for us. Way to far from Sean's work & I would be way alone. Houses are great but really expensive, and I'll remember it as my first encounter with a restaurant that serves Dog meat.
So we just ended driving back & eating a burger (Best one I've had) at Charcoalo in Shinsa-dong.... In the end It's all about the food. : )


mimi vert said...

Thank you for sharing tania! espero que pueda visitarles pronto..

Tania said...

Mimi Vert!!!! I hope so too!!! : )