Friday, November 25, 2011

Dogs... Oh you know what I mean!

You've heard what they say... They eat dogs in Korea.  I have to admit, I was very concerned with the idea of walking into a restaurant that serves dog meat. I could see myself ordering a dish by looking at a picture, (since I don't know korean) and have it be dog... Barffff...euuuu
I guess In this case "Ignorance would be a bliss"... I'd rather not know: /
On my experience, I have NOT run into this, and glad. I have to thank God Sean speaks korean, but reality is I don't think it happens (if it does) as often as you think. I also looked into "Dog meat Consumption" and it happens to be that dog meat is eaten all over the world. It is also been historically considered an emergency food source in many countries. And here poor Korea gets all the bad rep. 
Truth is if you come here, you shouldn't worry about this at all. If I've seen anything here is that people are very nice to their dogs and there's sooo many Vets. and Pet shops around, it make me want to get one  every time I walk by one. 

This was a random pet shop we walked by, NOT a restaurant. I just think is funny they would put this sign up, above a dog knowing the rep. they carry...


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Tania said...

The weekend after posting this we went to Pyeongchang and stop by a restaurant that looked good... guess what... It was a DOG meat restaurant... a first! We left as soon as Sean read the sign. I say again Thank God I have him with me! One of my resolutions for 2012, will be "LEARN KOREAN" : )