Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The best thing about shopping in Korea during the Holiday season is G G G G G G-Gmarket! lol...
I've become very dependant of the Internet the time that I've been here.  There's no way I could've done without it all this time. It's been the only way to keep in touch with my people's on the other side. But also is been super helpful on every single aspect of my getting around and living here.
I started reading blogs about expats. Anything and everything about lifestyle and living here.
My first one was Eat your kimchi. I thought they where really funny and it helped me get an Idea of what to expect when I got here.  I liked better the first couple of videos of them, they were more helpful. From them I just basically started jumping from link to link and I got to the Gmarket.
Gmarket is "ebay" Korea. I actually think it's much better... well, that is if you have someone that knows Korean to help. : )
Sean helped me with my sign in registration form, I do the rest. I could be browsing on it for hours, well, not anymore with baby #2 home. : p
There is nothing that's not there, things from the US that you can't find in shops around in Korea.  Even if you can't find exactly what you want, will do something similar. The best thing is, that, It almost all comes the next day! : )
When we came down, I was looking for a bassinet for Olivia and I couldn't find anything around here. They didn't know what I was talking about.  Babies here sleep with the parents or on the floor in a "yo" Bed.

As cute as they are. It wouldn't really work for us, since we sleep in a regular bed and I'm not into the co-sleeping idea (would be terrified to roll over her).
I did eventually find one, the Stokke, but I refuse to pay that much (here it costs way more than over in the US)  for something I know I will use for such little time. I know you can convert it into a crib and a bed after, but I didn't need it, we had a crib on it's way. I just wanted to have something for just in case our stuff wouldn't arrive in time.
So I found one on Gmarket, not one I would have gotten, if I was back home, but I was happy to find one.

from Gmarket
For one like this in the US I would pay like $60, here It was $120. If you need it, you need it. At this point I was starting to miss not having a "Baby Shower"... lol ; )

Something else I couldn't find around was the Lanolin cream. I remembered using it a lot with Markus. Breast feeding him, was not very easy.
All I could find at the at that time at Gmarket was a Mustela one. Now I know how to do search better and I found the Lansinoh brand.  I love how they give you samples and a gift. This time was Pororo band aids : )

Off course, there's the beginners mistakes, like me once trying to buy some leggings for kids I really like from here. The mini Shop that had them was veery Korean, and veeery confusing. Instead of leggings I ended up with a bunch of leg warmers... hummmm... Good luck to me trying to exchange them! So, what are we supposed to do with these!!!
There were some boys and some girls (like 10 pairs). Marky uses them in his arms and says he's a Superhero, funny kid him... : )

Or when I got a rag doll/rattle for Olivia and when I opened the box, this is what I got...

It's a make it yourself!!!! Grrrrpppp.... If I wanted to make it, I would've done it for free, since I have stuff to do so... : (  NEeEd to learn Korean!

& off course, Instructions in Korean!!!
Thank God I'm very good with crafts and I could figure it out easy.


I've gotten much better with my ordering. I could literally find it all here. I just did the Christmas Shopping here and it all worked out well. 


And I also got the leggings I wanted for the kids and not the legwarmers this time!


In the end I love shopping on the Gmarket. It's easy & convenient.  I didn't have to make the Huuuge ToysRus line, like back in PR.  Didn't get aggravated at people, I was in no last minute Christmas shopping craziness & I was all done with the click of a button.  The delivery is really good and it's cheaper than anyware else here... & I love me a good deal! : )

Now... if they only had Goya..... sigh...

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