Friday, December 9, 2011

It feels like Christmas!

Good Morning!
Today It feels like Christmas. I woke up to some coffe made by my husband & he had really nice music on. As I'm having my coffe and eating my breakfast, I look out the window and It was Snowing!!! So pretty. It was just some random, really big snow flakes.
Coming from an Tropical Island, these are things I appreciate. Although I highly doubt anyone dislikes the first snow fall of the season. : ) It was so, so very pretty.  The wind was blowing, so they were flying everywhere  I jumped off my seat and ran to the window, Marky followed... He was sooo happy. He said; "It's Christmas Mommy"...
He wanted to go outside to make a snow man.... poor thing. He doesn't know, that is the hardest thing, that as soon as you touch it your hands are in so much pain from being so cold.... I know I learned my lesson.
It was with Sean that I saw snow for the first time  & I loved every second of it...

 "Oh, the places you'll go"...

Ohhh, how I love this Man <3

All these 8 years ago...

Markus' first time... 

2010, so small!
This morning, Christmas love <3
A priceless moment... now where is that Master Card!?!?! 
We gotta go Christmas Shopping!!!!

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