Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our 1st Christmas here!

This was our first Christmas Here. It was different from other years, but in many ways the same.
Yes, we didn't get to eat my traditional food, made by my beautiful abuela, have any coquito.  We didn't get to go to one of the many party's there's just about anyplace you go... for sure, nothing like Christmas in PR!!!
Even though there are lights and decorations around, (which do give you a Holiday-ish kinda feeling), people here don't feel very festive at all.  Sean's cousin told me that for Koreans, Christmas, is more for couples.  New Year and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) is when family gathers together.
On Chuseok; http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_6.jsp?cid=811650

Christmas in Korea

All I saw was people just buying cakes. I think cake giving must be a must. There was an insane amount of cake boxes outside the bakery by our house. Imagine, if I was allowed to sell my cakes here!!!! Cakes here are really pretty, but mine taste 1,000 times better than any I've tried... and it's been a lot : ( ....

Digo yomodestia aparte.... : )

Too bad I'm not allowed... : (

If Christmas is supposed to be a day where you are surrounded by your loved ones, kids laughter & good food.  I had it all.
I called my Mom very early on her morning, so was happy about that. Got to say hi to my sister in law and my nieces.  And even tough I did miss my family back home, I was surrounded by loved ones, my husband & my very own kids. Olivia even gave me her first giggle.

No one in the world is Merrier than my Markus, who sings and sings Jingle bells, over & over & over again some more.

The day is HERE!!!!

milk & cookies for Santa
Santa's here

Her first coat!

I actually feel I got some special extras. We had for once a semi-white Christmas, (since it snowed the night before). Olivia & I got to do a little girl time, while Marky & Sean got into their first snowball fight, (even if it was just the little bit of snow left piled up in the corners), the kid loved it... he loves "the wintering" (as he calls it).

And the food, well, we had Chinese dumplings for dinner.  Not very traditional for sure, but was very, very good. 

steamed pork dumplings
Ending our day at a Chinese restaurant makes me feel like we had our own"A Christmas Story" moment...  minus the duck. 


Something I really wanted to do, was go to Church. I don't consider myself very religious, but I grew up believing in God & I want my kids to grow up having a Christian base. I didn't get to go though, I have yet to find a English service one. I know there are, just have to find them.  

Since I am from PR, and the party goes on for us until Three Kings Day on January 6. I'm keeping my festive mood & my tree until then. Also we will not stay this Holiday season without having some PR food. After some sofrito, I made an asopao'/ sancocho. The only thing I couldn't find is malanga or platanos, but the rest they have.  So that's what we're having today!

to make sofrito
missing half the ingredients but it'll have to do...


My Mami & Abuela will be proud! 




Perfect for the cold weather! 

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ckim said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like u brought some of your PR to Korea! The kids r soooo cute. :)

For churches, try Jubilee church. They have a good kids program and it is all English speaking. Many of my friends who have lived in Korea at some point or another have gone there. They all really liked it. It's not just all Korean ppl there too.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday season and happy me year! Besos!