Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everybody!
We didn't do anything special. We just watched the current Korean Drama we're on. We stopped it ten minutes before midnight, turned TV on MBC, and watch the countdown. Nothing special, It was over so fast.

Did some "Skyping", with my siblings & Mom, a friend from college... "Yeayyy for all of this". Don't get to Skype with my Mom to often, since there's no Wi-Fi where she lives. (country side, think rain forest).

I haven't had time to do any posts lately, but I will do some this week. Markus started preschool Yesterday & Olivia has been waking up every two hours again... grrppp....

first day at school in Korea

She must be going trough a growth spurt. I am exhausted.
Sean takes care of Marky on mornings, (I do Olivia all night) but now days, I have to wake early too.  Make Oatmeal, Olivia feed, dress Markus, her, 20,000 layers.... myself, like a crazy lady, since I'm already late, walk him to school (at the 2 year old pace) drop him off, wonder around for two hours (the first week), come back, deal with "sir-cries-a-lot", feed him lunch, Olivia feed, a little argument for Marky to go to nap, Olivia nap, start dinner, Markus finally on a nap, She wakes up, feed, Marky up, feed him & so goes on..... I feel I'm always hungry & never have time to eat, only on weekends when Sean's around.....
The worst part is the two hours I have to wait for him. It's not enough time to do anything. If I walk back home, by the time I'm here, I have to go back. If I walk to Shinsegae (mall), same thing. If I take a cab there, because of traffic, by the time I'm there I have to come back again. I have to just sit at a cafe, I guess is the best option with this cold weather, but I feel is such a waste of time. I guess I should enjoy my two hours of quiet, but I'll be honest, I miss his loud voice, always singing, always whining, always telling me no, for everything. Well that's him, and I love him. : )
I'm sure next week will be easier. Looking forward to it!


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