Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Olivia is 100 days!!!

Today is Olivia's 100th day with us (Baek il).  It's Korean Tradition to celebrate a baby's 100th Day of being born.  I have to admit, I love all these extra excuses I get here to do a little celebration! : )

When Markus turned 100 days, we went to NY (we lived in PR).  His Mom & Sister threw a little dinner party to celebrate & have the rest of the family meet him.

preparing the food for the Baek il

How cute Marky, he was so little!

The food was delicious! baek il

The rice cake. Baek il

A regular cake.

111 Days, because we did it a 11 days late : ).... pretty cute!

100 Days celebration

Even though we're not having our family over & we won't have 100 people to give rice cakes to  (hopefully she will still have a long life). We will most definitely celebrate! She has been such blessing & brought so much joy to our life. <3

Happy 100th day Olivia!

Happy 100 days Livy, we love you! I will try my very best, to do something special, just for us. I hope I can make my Mother in Law proud. I'll post pics over the weekend : )



Alexandra said...

Happy 100 days Olivia! God bless you!

Tania said...

Gracias!!!! : )