Monday, January 30, 2012


I forgot about this one!!!!
The other day we went to Coex, (Our Plaza Las Americas here)...
In PR we went to Plaza when it was just too hot to do anything else and here is the contrary. It's so cold! I don't mean to complain about it, because when I was In PR all I did was complain how hot it was. Now I get to be in the cold & not sweat, so no complaints!
I'm not particularly fond of the cold I got because of how cold it is, but if I have to choose, I prefer the cold weather rather than being hot 24-7. This weather just makes me crave hearty food, so for  lunch I was looking for a very Korean restaurant to have lunch. We randomly picked one and to my surprise it was Dakgalbi.... Yeaaayyy!!! I looooooove Dakgalbi!!! Then I realized I totally forgot the post I was supposed to do about it.

So here I share with you, a part of the very special weekend we had and us learning about what has become my favorite Korean dish...

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The weekend we went to Nami, we stayed over night around the same area,  I think Chuncheon...

I got a liiiittle scared of spending the night there. What would you think if the first thing you saw in the room when you went in was this...

ummmmhummm..... bug spray korea, hotel

How was I supposed to sleep after the thoughts this bug spray brought to my mind. Nothing I hate more than roaches. I am terrified,  horrified, disgusted with the idea of having bugs crawl over me. The movie Just Married came to mind...
Luckily nothing happened, the only thing I saw was a lady bug. After some sleep we woke up to the most beautiful misty, happy morning. : )

 In Chuncheon they are known for their Dakgalbi.

I found my favorite food heeeEEEeere... Oh my, was it good!

It's basically stir-fried chicken with vegetables. The first version we had of it, was barbecued on coal, so it had that yummy flavor.

It brought back very happy memories of my childhood. Times when we used to go on daytime trips to the beach and make barbecued chicken on an improvised grill.  It has always stayed in my memory as the best chicken, even if it had a bit of sand on it! I miss those days....

It also made me think of how the things we do now, are going to be a very important part of our kids life. When you have kids you get the chance to live a second childhood through them, I get to be part of a lot of first times again. Building their memories is so exiting and giving them a healthy & happy childhood, is our goal : )

So back to our dinner....  Yes, it was yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.... delicioso!

Grilled Dakgalbi
                 Our very first time having Dakgalbi.

The flavor the tteokbokki (rice cakes) gets from the grilling is just sooooo good!

I can remember what this dish was called. I really liked it. It's made out of potatoes, similar to a hash brown but less greasy, mashed and maybe mixed with some flour. 

I'm really starting to like the floor seating. Marky just runs around without knocking down chairs and I'm not afraid he might fall from one. He is to tall for a infant feeding chair and to small for a regular one. The floor is just perfect! 

The next day, we went to a ski resort (tons of fun)...

First time holding a sled...

A first time for us!!!
weeeeee..... lol

Another first time moment!

Before heading back to the city we stopped for some more Dakgalbi. This time it was done the more traditional way. 



You make it yourself...

The area is also known for their Buckwheat Cold Noddles

You add the Gochujang & mix it.

The potato pancakes again <3

Hurray for a great weekend filled with memories, first times, no bugs, new friends & Dakgalbi!

We ate so well! Now that I posted this, I can't stop thinking about Dakgalbi & the yummy potatoes! Can't wait to go back!

Till next,


ckim said...

I love dakgalbi!! It's my fav too!! In Seoul, shinchon area has good dakgalbi. The best is putting in ramen
noodles at the end!!

Tania said...

THe one we had over the weekend at Coex we had with ramen! I looove Dakgalbi! <3
I don't know what's wrong with these comments that are so small... I'm blind, almost can't see it!

Kitty Boo said...

Where abouts is the place with the dakgalbi with mushrooms and potato dish? Also, have you found out name or can you please give me directions to the outdoor grilled eel restaurant in paju? My family is visiting soon and would love to take them there. your blog is great! I live in seocho too!

Tania said...

Hi Kitty Boo, The first 2 Dakgalbi restaurants we went where in Chuncheon. The first one, that was BBQ'ed in Coal, was right across The Street, (Going up a Hill) from the Port where you take the Ferry Boat to go to Nami Island. The Second one, I can't tell you, because I just don't know, it was in a town near the Ski resort. The 3rd time we had it at the Coex Mall, and it was just as good. It's arond the area where the "Artbox" shop and some Pasta restaurant "Tomato something" towards the end corner (a bit hidden) & after a Japanese Restaurant that always has a line. The potato dish name I found out is "Gamja-jeon". I will get back at you with the Paju restaurant ASAP. Thanks for reminding me I have to find the name!

Tania said...

Found it!!!! Hope you know Korean! The paju rest. is called (I think, from what I understood) "Bangujeong Naruteo jip" You can find more info. here....

hope it helps!