Friday, January 13, 2012


Today I was set on finally going to Dongdaemun... failed....
Feels like I'll never make it there!
I dropped Markus off at his School and set off to my adventure. I walked to the nearest subway station with the gigantic stroller "grrrr" should've taken the BabyBjorn. After walking through the biggest maze of walking down to the underground station.... stairs.... why, why so many!!! Half way up some nice harabojhelped me. I don't always get help so I was bowing like a good Korean would, Komapsumnida, komapsumnidaaaa...
When I was preggers with Olivia, at times I would be with Marky on one hand, the Mclaren stroller in another, the gigantic belly & groceries on whatever part of my arm I had left,  trying to go down to what seemed to me like the largest staircase ever, trying to get to the subway. You wouldn't believe, not one single person would offer to help. After the 1/2 hour that took me to get down, I stand in front of where you are supposed to, waiting for the train (after I missed like 4 that came by while I was trying to go down) People start cutting me off and sneaking in front of me... seriously!

In that sign pointing right at her must say; This B... just cut you off
In that sign pointing at her, must say; "This B.... just cut you off

                          Whatever lady, I'll let it slide...
              Meanwhile, why not enjoy the nice ads while I wait.


As soon as the door opens, nobody waits for the people inside to come out, everybody just fights it off, whomever gets in first gets the seats, no matter if you are preggers or not. There are signs that say this seat is for the preggers, this one for old people, etc... I mean, they even tell you how to sit & how you should hold your bag.

How to Seat...

None of that is gonna work if there are a gazillion people inside... ojo a ojo!

Another day I tried to take it during rush hour.... OMG..... The "Push-Men" exist!!! There are so many people during rush hour, that there are guys just pushing people in, so everybody fits. That's their job! Yes, they push pregnant ladies too... I'll just think he didn't really see my big pipa...

The same thing happens with elevators. There are electric stairs almost everywhere, but, for some reason,  they refuse to use them. They much rather stuff themselves in the elevator. It's not even "elbow rubbing" full, it's more like, "I can smell your breath" full. And if they can, they will push you in a little more. That, my friends, is not the worst. How would you feel inside an elevator that fits 10 at most, but it has 20 people inside, and suddenly.... Yes... it happened.... someone let one loose!!!  fooooooooo..... NOTHING worst than a kimchi fart... trust me!

Don't get upset my K.ppls.... this is it with the worst. There are far more the things that I like about Korea than the ones I don't & the smelly oopsies... ; ) 

After these last experiences in the subway with the belly & Marky, I stopped taking it. The rest of the pregnancy I took cabs & now, I mostly walk.

So today trying to outsmart my iPhone app Jihachul (awesome app) I took a different route than the one the app told me, thinking; what's wrong with this app??... my way is way faster... NOT!... The way the app told me to take, I had to make 2 train changes...the way I chose, I had to make only one. Obviously, If I'm gonna choose, I'm gonna go for the one that has the least changes, since I'm with the stroller and all. I was trying to switch from line 9 to line 1, but to make the switch you had to exit the station, walk a little outside and then take the line 1.

When I went outside I was at the Fish Market, being unsure of which direction to go, I followed my instincts and I did find the line 1!...but guess what... Stairs!!! If it only was the stairs this time, but my lovely stroller's back wheels are to wide and it wont fit trough the ticket booth... Oh the stairs, the stroller, the cold, the STARES... you know, with me being all glow in the dark.  Forget it... Dongdaemun will be another day.

So back I go to the crazy Bus Terminal Station & have lunch in what has become my regular cafeteria, Yummmy, yummy bulgogi would make any day, a great day! 

I ❤ this place!

I had a Bulgogi set...

After my delicious lunch, I walk back to pick up Marky who was in the greatest mood TG, and it started snowing! yaeyyy..... I <3 random snowflakes, so pretty! Not such a bad day after all! 

Dongdaemun... I WILL find you next time! : )



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Thank you! Love you 2! Besos xoxoxo

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This was hilarious, I had a lot of fun reading, It'll make a good book some day!!