Monday, January 16, 2012

The Island of Sodor

This past weekend we took Markus to a Thomas & Friends Exhibition held at the AT Center in Yangyae-Dong. I found out about it trough the Korea for Kids page I liked in Facebook.

It's like a theme park, very small, but tons of fun for Tiny Thomas lovers. A bit  pricey, considering we had to come out with yet another missing character of the collection that's taking over our house. This time it was "Stanley" the one that got to come home with us. Funny how he introduces them to the one he has home...

"Here Stanley, this is your new home! Hello Thomas. Hello Stanley. Hello Everybody, welcome to The Island of Sodor ...."

Too cute how he plays.

Here some pictures...

Hurry, hurry....oh... the excitement!

The slides

He didn't ride the train... Adults can't go in it and he refused to go alone : ( 

Marky was totally freaked out by him, but not Haejoon <3

There is also a cookie making & coloring station... pretty cute ; )

Now back to the Mainland....
The info I found online in English said it was w16,000/w12,000, but we paid w40,000 for 2 adults and 1 kid, so I think it was more like w16,000/w8,000. To that the cost of an overpriced train, our Stanley was W18,000.  

The exhibition is only going to be there until February 12. English info. & how to get there Here

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