Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Two weeks ago my son started School. Well it's more like a Daycare, since he's only two. He is, I guess on the taller side, and everybody thinks he is five. When I say no, he's two, they can't believe it. I don't even think he is that much taller than other boys his age, but whatever. The age here works different than for us Westerners. In Korea you are a year older the 1st of January of the New Year.
It's like this, (I think) I just turned 32 two 1/2 months ago. This year I will be turning 33, but since that will be this year, I am already 33, so on the first of January I would be 34.
So on Korean Age I am 34....  I don't like this Korean age ONE bit, I'll tell ya'....

Another thing I've heard is that babies turn a year at their 100th day. They spend 9 months in the belly & 3 outside, making that a year. Don't know much, I have to find out more about it and how it works.

Attending School here, marks a very important moment for him, as he will face many challenges, it being a Korean speaking School, but also it is for me. From this moment I start realizing that I really live here.  Up until this point, I've felt  like a tourist on an extended vacation. I also started getting this sense of community, that I so very much miss from PR.

I miss the people in the Pharmacy "Puerto Rico Drug" &  the guy at the door, that always said hi to Marky. I miss the nice guys at Cafe Manolin. The homeless guy that sat on the corner of our block and refused to take clothes or food from me, since he had promised to God to live this way, until God gave him what he asked for.
One time I made him a couple of sandwiches, got him oranges, apples, water, etc. and he told me no, because it would spoil. He just took one of each. : (
I miss the Security Guard that stood in front of a certain someone house, next to where we lived in Old San Juan. I sometimes had to go around the block to avoid him, because if not, he would keep me there for hours. He was & hope still is the biggest talker.
I even miss the old town troubadour... I bet when I go back he will still be singing Guantanamera! : )

I don't however miss the grouchy cashiers at Supermax, or Supermax itself... Let that be known. Although the lack of personal space while making the line there, prepared me for the one I've faced here.

So now on my twice a day walk towards dropping and picking Marky up, I pass by a Dry Cleaners that's always open and they already know me, I mean I'm pretty hard to miss here...  Of course, I charm them up with my; Annyeonghaseyo...  And they go; Ne... sounding neeeeeee.
The Halmoni that peaks inside the stoller and says;  aigoo, cue. 
I guess is like; Oh my, how cute... 
There's also the construction workers that tell me to slow down & then crack up; slo town, eashi, slo town... This would be; slow down, take it easy... Yes, I'm always running, I should slow down.

The first day, I asked him; Did you learn any Korean? Markus; YES! Me; Really!!! What?!?! Him; Yoboseyo, and bowed... sooo cute!

He was so excited showing me the bag they gave him, all the kids have the same, well I got excited too, it is super cute. They also gave him a tray. They send it every day so I wash it home and send it back for his lunch the next day.

Markus, aka Mah kuh suh
Around my new hood...

He cried two days & now he stays happily. I stay happy too since they greet him so enthusiastically; MAH KUH SUH!!! Him; I'm heEere... : )

Unfortunately, he not only got a nice backpack, a tray and learned a new word. He also brought with him a nasty cold, that has both him & I having a battle against the boogie monster... Hopefully, it won't get Olivia & Sean.  The other one that got sick I'm afraid, is the computer.... It woke up this morning like this...

 I really hope it's nothing serious.... But I'm pretty sure is busted, since I had to hit it to get it to start. If you don't see posts of me for a while... you know what happened. : (

Till next,

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How CUTE everything he got at shool!!!!