Thursday, April 12, 2012

Today is your Birthday!

To Markus;

Happy Birthday my sweet boy, today you turn 3!

Not one day goes by, that I don't thank God and life, for blessing me with such a healthy, happy, beautiful, SUPER funny & incredibly sweet boy. You make days brighter with your smile, sweeter with your love, funnier with you craziness...

I couldn't have had a better son and I strive to be the Mom you deserve.

Today we celebrate you, and we hope you love it as much as we love having you. ♥

 Celebrating birthday #1 in NY.

Celebrating Birthday #1 in Puerto Rico.

Celebrating Birthday #2 in NY.

Celebrating Birthday #2 in Puerto Rico. 

We love you soooo very, very, very much & we wish you many, many, many more, filled with tons of health & happiness.

Mommy & Daddy : )

❊❊❊ I'm uploading Birthday #3 pictures now, so I guess this week I'll have a post! : )

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