Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not all out of love...

Hey guys!!!

I've been meaning to share this with you for a bit...
I have a friend that just published his first book!!!

Not All Out of Love

Congratulations Jamie Schoffman, how cool is it to be a published author!!!!

The book is called "Not All Out of Love". I have not read it yet, as I am in Korea & I have to wait until it comes into the iTunes store to get it. But I will for sure!

Here is the official description...
"Not All Out of Love is the incredible true story of a young man's struggle through college, failed relationships, suicide, financial hardship, infidelity, and reformation. At times funny, at times sad, Not All Out of Love takes us through the full range of human emotions. You will laugh, you will cry, but you will understand and relate to what this young man has gone through."

Just wanted to let you know, so If you're wanting a new book to read, look it up!

Maybe one day I could too! Ahhhhh.... hey, one can dream!... hehehe : )


✦✦✦Update... The book is now available in the ITunes store! We just got ours... off to read! : )


Jamie Schoffman said...

Thank you Tania. I appreciate your support.


Yana khokhlov said...

Congrats to your friend and I will deffinatly check it out

Tania said...

: )... Glad you got to post this time... Sorry, I have been trying to fix this as much as my abilities allow me to... lol
People send me emails, complaining they cant write comments. Was it difficult?

Jamie Schoffman said...

Posting was fairly easy.