Thursday, June 14, 2012

I found it!

Hello ppls...
Once I wrote a post about this cute street we found around the Gyeongbok Palace.
You can see the post here. Well, the other day, we went apartment hunting around that area, just cause we love it so much, and our lease in our current apt. is due.

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Now I Finlay know the name! It's called Samcheong-dong, and it's a neighborhood of Jongno-gu.

There are tons of really cute shops and cafes.

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This area is so, so, so so so nice! It's filled with History.

There would be so many things to do around here. There are two palaces close by. Also, a preserved area of Traditional Korean style Houses (Hanok) is around.

Most of the traditional Markets like Dongdaemun, Myeongdong and Namdaemun are close by also. Even though this area is an "older" feel, I would love to live here, even if it is for a short period of time. 

We did not get lucky this day, as the apt. we saw was quite small for us. I do want to downsize, as I now feel comfortable enough in Seoul, and I know I will be ok.

I put this picture up on my Instagram, and someone actually told me it looked scary, that it reminded her of a Korean movie called "Old Boy"... 
Pass... : /

 I haven't seen the movie yet. But I will! 

When we first got here, I was a tiny bit scared to move into an apt. I would hate. What if I didn't like where I lived??? I was already terrified of not liking it in Korea. So I at least wanted to have a safe place, a home I would love. I now know Korea is about the safest place I'll ever live. I'm also used to all the smells and things that worried me in the beginning. If I don't have any visitors, and I don't really need something so big, or as modern as this one, we are gonna downsize and save some "dinero". : P

To rent an apartment, villa, or a house in Korea is a royal pain in the A$$... it's something all right!
First, real estate here is one of the most expensive in the world.... sooooo expensive! Also, the way it works here, is you have to make a year or two year lease, and pay up-front the whole year's rent as a deposit on top of the monthly payments...seriously ridiculous. Short term rentals is almost non-existent. You could find corporate housing in serviced apartments (like the one we stayed in when we first got here for two months), but they suck, at least the one we were in.

We stayed at The Human Starville in Cheongdam-dong, and first of all, it has a higher rating than it should. The apt. is tiiiiiny, we asked for a non-smokers, and it still smelled horrible. I found it super dirty (maybe I was just hormonal cause I was preggers with Olivia), but I truly hated it the month and a half we were there.
For some reason I also hated (blame my hormones again) the fact that every single day I would get "lady services" cards under my door... "lady services... you know what I'm saying"... I HATED THOSE CARDS WITH ALL MY HEART!!! (I think I may have posted about this on one of my firsts posts... oh well...)
Pretty funny to think now, but I remember I was soooo annoyed with this, that one day I decided to go on "card slipping watch".... If only I had caught whomever slipped those under my door... I would have yelled some goooood Spanish... again, "IF-YOU-KNOW-WHAT-I'M-SAYING". Hormones made me "bieeen malcriá"... lol..

So, back to the post...
We love where we currently live, but, truth is, it would be nice to experience living on the North part of Seoul for a bit too. On this part of Seoul, there is also a large community of English speaking people as the US Army base is stationed here. So we started looking around Itaewon.

From what I've read (sadly) Itaewon has a reputation being the ghetto, specially among Koreans. I'm not saying this because I know it specifically, it's just what I've read in different blogs. I do not like to judge, if I have not experienced it myself. But truth is, we went to this area the other day to look at another apt. there and it was not the nicest place I've been in the K's... I am still looking around this area though, as there are a lot of more English things to do around (I need an English School for Marky). Hopefully we will find something that meets our needs. Wish us luck!


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