Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Korean 911

Since (inexplicably) my little blog (intended for my family) is growing, I've been trying to organize it a little better. My goal is to be more consistent with my postings. I also changed the font so it would be easier to read. I just noticed while out, that depending on the device it's read, the font comes out different. My original one was a "hand writing" style that I really liked, but at times it came out as a really ugly cursive, "wedding invitation style". So I changed it to a simpler one.

Also, from now on, I will share with you some "romanized" Korean words a week. I've realized the easier way for me to learn at this point is by memorizing it. Maybe writing it down and talking about it with you guys, will help me remember it the moment I need to use it... not 10 minutes later... : (

For the time being, I couldn't think of a better one to start of with, but this;

"noh mi-cheoss-oh"

Which means;

"Are you crazy"

There are soooo many crazies here!!!

Trust me, I will be using it... more times than I would like! 

I don't know if people here realize what a great country this is. They have a good government, good economy, they live in a safe and a secure environment, beautiful land a great culture in general. So are many really, really, really good things going on.

Yet, people seem to be so, unhappy. 

When I left my Island, I also felt there where too many unhappy people, but a different kind. Over in PR I feel the unhappiness was more, sadness... I must say, the statuses on FB have gotten much less depressing... that's good. : ) 

Here, the unhappiness is more, "sourness"... Most Ppl are just plain sour... with a couple of exceptions, I do love a few... : )

At times it is very hard to understand the ways of people... I guess that's part of having a chance at experiencing it first hand. By living here, I have learned a lot about human behavior. I did not complete my Psychology degree because I hated it, but now I'm thinking I should... I might be very good at it! 

I only wish to grow up some more, learn and become a better, wiser and kinder person out of this experience...

In the meantime I'll be saying a whole lot of "micheoso's"... : )


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