Friday, June 22, 2012

Anseong Farmland : )

Good Friday to all! : )
As you may already know, we do not own a car in Korea. Besides the fact that they are really expensive, they are also unnecessary here, as Seoul has THE most efficient and easy to use transportation system I've ever used... and really clean! 
Whenever we want to go somewhere outside Seoul, we rent one. It's quite nice getting into a brand new car, each time! : ) 

This time we had no clue as where to go, we just started driving. Usually these types of "adventures" are the ones that turn out the best! And so it was... we had, yet another super fun day! 
I had remembered I saw on a website on things to do with kids in Seoul, something about a "Dutch Village". I thought it would be similar to the "English Village", so that's where we went!

Anseong Farmland is basically a very beautifully landscaped and really big petting zoo. It's built with a "Theme Park" feel, but it really worked as a relaxing escape from the hectic city. 

(What I could tell you is based on our experience only. You can see the official website here, but, it's only in Korean).

He looked like a tourist asking for directions. 
Marky was so exited to see horses, he couldn't wait to go in. 
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You can pet and feed the animals. The coolest part was, some of them where walking freely and I guess because they are used to having people around, they where really friendly. I found out too late, you can get horseback rides too... Marky would've looooved it! 

To our surprise, he was not afraid of any of the animals. As for Olivia, hummm... after getting startled by a Cow, wanted nothing to do with animals. : ]
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& he finally got a chance to pet a real horse! He was very cautious and gentle. His happiness level was through the roof!!! ♥

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Livy wanted nothing to do with Cows, but we found a beautiful field, filled with Poppy.... she loooooved it

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Well, she kinda' liked Mr. Moo too... : )
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This moment absolutely made our day! As soon as I put him on top of the cow & out of nowhere, he yelled; "YEEEEEEHAAAAA".... took his hat off and waved it in the air... SERIOUSLY hilarious!
The kid is a clown, just like his parents! 

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We picked up a pinwheel.... 
I think you where supposed to write a message or a wish (not sure... there was no English translations anywhere). 
I just wrote a very "Boricua" thing...

"We were here! Much ♥ from Puerto Rico"
The M.O.S.T crew... 
Markus, Olivia, Sean & Tania

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& you plant it into the ground...

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It really wasn't as easy as we thought. The ground was as hard as concrete. I gave it a couple of shots, then tried in another spot... nada... gave up. 
S. took over... nada... hahaha..
Tried yet another spot... Impossible, gave up too.... 
In the end we just took an empty stick out and replaced it with ours. : /
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& we went on the Tractor ride around the field. 

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& saw the most beautiful views...

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& the most green I've seen since I moved to Seoul. My camera had just died, so I had to take these with my phone. I wish I could have captured the tons and tons of butterflies everywhere!

There was also a "Dutch Village" (a village with buildings that resembled European style cottages). There was a German restaurant, a couple of shops and some fountains where kids were swimming as if it was a pool. (I absolutely forgot to take pictures of this) : P

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The friendly and well cared for animals, the fresh air, the beautiful views, the butterflies and my Markus' level of happiness, turned this day into another great adventure! 

 We all came back super relaxed and SUPER TIRED... straight to bed... at 7pm... all of us! ; )


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Hello Koyorrican, thanks for your sharing! We plan to visit Seoul in August. How can we go from Everland to Anseong Farmland with public transportation and how long it takes?