Monday, June 25, 2012


I meant to do a post on Fathers Day and I know it was a couple of weeks ago...I'm a tiny bit late... : (
That weekend we went to Shanghai and even though I had already written some posts, I couldn't really do anything... Internet in China is almost illegal... well not really, but with all the bans and the control the Government has, it made it very difficult to impossible for us to connect.
We had a great time there, even though we got hit with a serious case of the "mi-cheoss-oh's"... that made me go a little crazy myself... I will tell you more on this trip on a post soon.

So, for Fathers Day, my Mom had an activity at Church and I sent a message for my Stepdad... To think... emotional things come so easy to me when is written. I don't think I could say all these things up front, I'm actually pretty shy at showing my emotions. I'm sorry, I can not say I love you to everybody, just like that. I admire people that do. For some reason, even though I do love soooo many people, it just doesn't come so easy to me. I tell my little ones how much I love them every second I get a chance, hoping they don't come out like me... let's see how that goes... : )

The Fathers of my life... I love you guys....


I am sooo grateful and happy that I grew up with a guy like this. He is one of the most humble guys you could ever meet, one of the nicest human beings. I am so glad that he is part of my family and I am so grateful for him having made my Mom so happy all these years. I love you Dude!

The Bro...

I have an amazing, caring and loving brother who is one of the best Dads I know. He has been a great influence in my life, and I am so proud of having him as a brother. He is one of the most giving and selfless guys I know, and love him sooo very much.

And who else... THE BEST Dad in the whole wide world, my love S.

What a blessing it has been having you in my life. I could not express with words the amount of love I have for you. You give so much and ask so little.... how did I become this lucky! I am a better person because of you and I thank God each day for allowing us to cross paths. Magic... Dreams do come true!

Even though is late.. I hope you all had a great Fathers Day... : )


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