Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Korean 911

Todays "romanized" Korean word is going to be "friend"...

I've been thinking about my friends a lot lately. I miss them so much... I've loved the experience of living abroad, but I can imagine just how much easier it would be if I had at least one of them around. Thank Goodness for kakao-talk, Facebook, Instagram, Skype and Facetime.... they all bring me just a tiny bit closer to everybody back home.

Makes me think... 
At times I might have judged someone that was "online" all the time... Maybe, just mayyyybe, that someone might have been a tiny bit lonely. : /

A funny thing happened....

When I start doing my research it turns out that the way you would pronounce "friend" in Korean, is a "ugly" (slang) word in Spanish... Well at least in Puerto Rico. It's a tiny bit embarrassing to put it up, but oh well... it is what it is...


Chin gu

I will not be saying what this means in PR... : P

T. : )


Nilca J Delgado Arroyo said...

Saludos desde Aguada,PR
Debe ser una experiencia enriquecedora!! Las cosas en PR cada están de mal en peor, y el ver tu noticia en, el mido de vida y el solo hecho de ser una ciudad segura, le dan deseos a uno de salirse de PR y experimentar en otros lugares tanto su cultura como modo de vida!,,


Nilca said...

Mi email se me gustaria conifer más sober Su cultura el employ etc....

A que te dedicas??


Nilca said...


Me gustaría conocer más sobre su cultura, el empleo etc.... Que te motivo irte??? Disculpa por el error del msg anterior, no me percate.

Mi email es