Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back in Seoul

Hi! : )

Life's been busy...

We celebrated Olivia's first birthday, dol (doljanchi or tol).  We flew to San Francisco the very next day. We met our friends. We had delicious all American style ... every day! We did as much as we could around the northern part of California... and I fell in love... We shopped. We got sick. We attended the most beautiful and happy wedding I've been to. Thank you David, Laura, Helen & Ken + 4 ; ). D & H's Mom and my beautiful Mami that flew in from PR to meet us there. We had THE best time! Now we are back in Seoul & so life goes on...

Marky is not happy....

Where is the Hotel? Where's abuela? Where are my friends? Where's uncle Dave? Where's Ken?.... Whyyyyy, why, why, whyyyyy.... Why are we here???? I don't want to go here?.... We where stuck with whinny Marky for 3 hours. After the 12 hour flight of horror... I'll leave it at, I'm glad I went to bed at 6:30 pm and got 8 straight hours of sleep... Wow... I'm old.

This is just a, "I'm baaack" type of a post, no pics, no exciting story. ; ) I now will start uploading and organizing the 3,000 pictures I took. As soon as I'm done with this, (and a HUGE pile of laundry), I'll tell you all about it. : )

T. : )

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