Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Olivia turned One!

Hi!!! ; ) 
I've been trying to finish this post for a couple of days now.... not easy!  Keeping my posts up to date, is becoming harder and harder. I have so many things going on at the moment... including, having everybody with a cold! Hopefully, it won't be too long for the next one! : P 


Happy moments... 

Or not... ; )

Our precious Angel turned One! What a blessing she has been in our lives. She is such a sweet, funny & happy baby! We ❤ you Olivia! 

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On her birthday day, Marky sang to her and she was loving it! She was sitting in her big girl chair and dancing side to side... soooooooooo cute! 

The following weekend, we did a little something for her at home. ; )

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& she wore her Hanbok...

Korean first Birthday, Korean Dol, Hanbok, baby hanbok, Korean tol, doljanchi,

& she fell in love with balloons... 

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I asked my sister if she could do a little doll and a bunny (Olivia was born on the year of the rabbit). She totally outdid herself!  I LOOOOVED it Sis, thank you soooo much! It looked just like her and her bunny! I want to use it every year! : P 

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Korean first birthday, Korean Dol, Korean tol, Tol, Dol, Asian inspired birthday party, asian birthday, umbrella birthday, free asian birthday printables, boricuas en korea, boricuas en korea

& we sang the happy song, and ate some slanted cake...  
It melted... it was sinking in by the second! lol... it was tasty though! : ) 

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& she picked the pencils...  (Korean game to predict the baby's future profession) 
Apparently both our kids are going to be scholars. : )

bunny cake, bunny cupcake, asian birthday party, korean dol, tol, doljanchi, first birthday party, 
& She had her bunny cupcake... 

& finished the whole thing... 

& then went for the big one...

 I intervened.... 

She had tons of fun, tons of attention & tons of cake!  
Zero meltdowns = successful day! 

Happy Birthday Livy! 

T. ; ) 

PS... I've learned... 
I'm a terrible host... (sorry ppls ; ).... I wanted to cook myself, ended ordering pizza! I WILL do another one, and I WILL succeed!!!  & that you should never do anything the day before traveling! lol... you come back to a messy house! 


Juneeta Osman said...

massive cuteness!! she look so cute and pretty in that hanbok. happy 1st birthday Olivia.

Carmen said...

Olivia looked beauyiful in that korea outfit. She looks like a little doll. Love her.