Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lotte World

One of the first things we did here, was take Markus to Lotte World.  Lotte World is a small theme park in Jamsil, Seoul.  I would like to go back there sometime during the evening or night, since the park turns into a fairy-tale like place where the rides & buildings are illuminated with LED lights. I know Markus would just LOOOOVE it.  We were not to lucky the day we went. I was 5 or 6 months pregnant & we went there when it was a busy, busy park since, we happened to go during Children's Day. Children's Day is a national holiday in Korea celebrated on May 5. On this day parents are to indulge their kids with gifts, taking them to parks, movies, to the zoo or just do about anything that will make a kid happy... (pretty cute) : )

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Lotte World

Here me trying to hide my belly with "blankie"... They don't let preggo's on rides.  Don't worry, it was far from dangerous. 

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The only ride he could go in.  It was so busy, lines were 1-2 hours long. To get in this one we did almost two. 

We paid from around $80-90 to get in.  We were there for like 4 hours & only did one ride. Markus was very upset cause he could't go in the Choo-choo"...  So we ended the day with a chocolate Ice cream cone. And he ended the day happy after all, Markus & the kid that still lives on his Mamma.... ahhhh (sigh) Ice Cream, just fixes it all : )...  except my figure.

T. : )

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