Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh... so sweet!

Valentine's Day was a couple of days ago. I meant to do a post on it, (Valentine's here is very different) but I've been procrastinating, BIG time. 

I have been super busy last couple of days with the kids, packing for our trip, trying to leave everything in the house in order for when we come back & trying to get some gifts & treats to bring back... ughhhh, I wish I could bring everybody a little something... it's so hard though... sigh... Also Marky is not attending School anymore (long story)... So I've had my hands full for a bit.
If it wasn't for Facebook status' on Valentine's Day I probably wouldn't have remembered. We have never been big on Valentine's. Seriously, I'm really bad with it, the one that always remembers any important dates is Sean... : ( My memory is horrible. I meant to bake a cake, but did not have time.  : / 

The many Valentines' in Korea...

In Korea and some parts of Asia, on Valentine's Day (February 14) Only girls give chocolates to boys. 
The girls get their gifts (chocolates) on a day called White Day (March 14). Then there is Black Day (April 14)... Hilarious.... Single people that had no one past two's to celebrate it with, meet up with other single friends and have jajangmyun (black noodles)... 

If you ask my opinion, I think the Korean way is the best way to celebrate V.Day. So everybody gets some love. <3

I think the best Valentine's gift I ever got (that I can remember), was last year's... 
I hope Sean doesn't get to embarrassed by me posting about it, but it was really, really, like REALLY cute! No money spent... 

*(Learn men out there... if any read me) : ) Because this man is truly the best!


I love my Chino...

Til next, xoxo

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